The Media

Presented below are magazine issue where Nora was featured.

One is from the 2009 autumn issue of the Japanese edition of the famous French lifestyle magazine LE FIGARO madame.

Nora was also featured in the March 2010 edition of ESCALA, the award winning, official in-flight magazine of Mexico’s largest airline AeroMéxico.


Has been voted # 1

On October 6th of 2010 Nora was honored to be broadcasted live via a weblink to Tokyo Japan in conjunction with EARTH LUNCH HOUR.

Apart from the above Nora has been also filmed by:

  • BBC4, 2010 with «Stefan Gates», FEAST series, Verity Oswin Fixer
  • France TV5, Cooking with Julie Andrieu
  • The Food Network
  • Featured on a DVD entitled «FLAVOURS OF MEXICO» Episode 7, with Charlie Ottley in association with the Travel Channel
  • Japan TV4

Photo of Nora preparing Mole Negro as part of a chocolate tour in the kitchen of fellow cooking instructor Reyna Mendoza.

This photo is from the 2016 Special Edition of National Geographic’s 100 Places That Will Change Your Life.


Nora interviewed along with Jacobo Angeles by Café CNN in Atlanta.


Nora being interviewed in the fish market  by Channel 28 of Chihuahua as part of a Live cooking class presentation.

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