Those who visited Oaxaca’s La Casa de Mis Recuerdos B&B in the past were invariably charmed by the delightful surroundings and relaxing ambiance, but it was often the delicious meals created by Nora, using time-honored recipes and little known secrets passed down by her late grandmother Ofelia (pictured left), that left the most lasting impression.

The excellence of Nora’s cooking often led guests to question her about ingredients and recipes, so she decided to unlock the mysteries of traditional Oaxacan cuisine by allowing guests and admirers into her kitchen and personally teaching them. With eighteen years of experience


Cooks and teaches


Located just three blocks from the Mis Recuerdos B&B, which is owned by her parents. Classes start in the local market, where Nora shows her students how to select the best ingredients. The marketplace is an education in itself, but it is back in the kitchen where Nora really works her magic. In fluent English, or in her native Spanish, she explains how to execute the recipes and class members help prepare the dishes with her supervision and guidance. Classes end with participants enjoying the dishes they have made in a multi-course meal served by Nora and her assistants, Rufina and Mari. After the actual cooking part of the class the meal that you prepared is served to you at our elaborately set main dining room table.


Her Kitchen

For those who want to know the secrets of traditional Oaxaca cooking, these culinary classes should not be missed. Your instructor is charming and knowledgeable, the dining experience is unforgettable, and the training you will receive is priceless

While most travelers return home with little more than photographic memories, imagine how wonderful it would be to create and savor the tastes of Oaxaca at any time, for yourself, family and friends


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